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Your Nonprofit’s Budget: A Window to Finding Your Priorities

By careful examination of your nonprofit’s budget, you can gain insights into your organization’s…

Nonprofit Grant Proposal Budget Calculations: A Road Map

Five common challenges for calculating grant proposal numbers — and strategies to help overcome them…

Increase Safety for Your Nonprofit’s Team

Taking action to protect your employees’ safety represents a tangible way that you can contribute to…

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America’s Dirtiest Job: Nonprofit Telemarketer?

Should telemarketers really be despised? Blue Avocado readers share their experiences making telemarketing calls for their nonprofits.

George W. Bush’s Legacy: A Dramatic Increase in Volunteer Spirit

Carol Stone applauds President George W. Bush for bringing the visibility, recognition, and importance of volunteering to new heights.

Boards Should Only Have Three Committees!

Consultant David La Piana discusses how boards tend to be frustrated with their committees when they don’t know how to organize them.

Should Board Members Be Required to Give?

Are board giving requirements a best practice or a bad idea? Blue Avocado reports on trends and explore the real questions.

Firing the Executive Director

Sometimes a board needs to fire an executive director. Sometimes it’s clear, more often it’s a little fuzzier. So when and how do you do it?

Nine Nonprofit Trends that Need to Die

Nine nonprofit trends that need to go. Some are nonprofit sacred cows that we need to release into the wilderness.

Ask Rita: Can Employees Smoke Medical Marijuana at Work?

Do you need to accommodate the use of medical marijuana when making a hiring decision or for current employees?

Your IRS Form 990 Questions Answered

Information about Form 990 and your nonprofit filings. Hopefully this will keep your fiscal year-end stresses at bay!

Accounting Procedures Manual Template

Accounting Procedures Manual Template in Word. Download the Word document, and everything you need to fill is in in red.

Nonprofit Executive Director Gives Advice on Love, Marriage, and Other Stuff

Executive directors are problem solvers. But why keep it to just nonprofit problems? We would make great advice columnists!