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Increase Safety for Your Nonprofit’s Team

Taking action to protect your employees’ safety represents a tangible way that you can contribute to a community of acceptance, safety, and support where violence is not tolerated.

Your Nonprofit’s Budget: A Window to Finding Your Priorities

By careful examination of your nonprofit’s budget, you can gain insights into your organization’s true priorities.

How can nonprofit leaders avoid burnout?

Leading a nonprofit can be an isolating and exhausting experience, so preventing burnout is key to an organization’s long-term success.

Using Philanthropy to Address Racial Harm and Inequity

Learn how the United Way of Greater Los Angeles (UWGLA) is using racial justice to inform their grantmaking efforts, and how other philanthropic organizations can help work to undo the legacies of harm inflicted upon communities of color.

Nonprofit Fundraising: Are You Choosing the Right Grants?

Grants are an important source of funds for nonprofits, but some may come with strings attached that can create more headaches than positives for your organization. A strategic approach can help you be sure you’re applying for the grants that best meet your needs.

Preparing Your Nonprofit to Move Beyond the Founder

Sometimes, the continued growth and success of a nonprofit means the founder must recognize when the time is right to step aside and trust others to guide the organization and its mission.

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Blue Avocado Presents: Copyright Concerns for Nonprofits – Live Q&A

In the digital age, nonprofits engaging in various creative endeavors must be mindful of copyright concerns.

Blue Avocado Presents: Does Your Nonprofit Qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)? – Live Q&A

The ERC program has been amended several times and has officially concluded, but eligible nonprofit organizations are still eligible to file and benefit from this tax credit. Find out more about this government stimulus program.

Blue Avocado Presents: Cyber Incident Response Plans for Nonprofits – Live Q&A

It’s a misnomer to believe that mission-driven organizations, who contribute to and/or benefit our society, are safe from cyber incidents. And yet many of these nonprofit organizations are unprepared when it happens to them.

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How Lessons Learned From Fighting Food Insecurity Can Help Your Nonprofit

Simple acts can have a big impact on the community. Learn how one nonprofit discovered the tools to fight systemic issues were at their disposal all along — they just needed to learn how to use them.

Grant Management Series: Involving Your CFO throughout the Grant Application Process

Learn how your CFO can contribute to a successful grant application — and the administrative processes that follow.

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