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How Lessons Learned From Fighting Food Insecurity Can Help Your Nonprofit

Simple acts can have a big impact on the community. Learn how one nonprofit discovered the tools to fight systemic issues were at their disposal all along — they just needed to learn how to use them.

Five Lessons for Creating an Effective (and Accountable) Nonprofit Board

Help your board members avoid dysfunction and clearly understand their roles in supporting your nonprofit’s success.

Grant Management Series: Involving Your CFO throughout the Grant Application Process

Learn how your CFO can contribute to a successful grant application — and the administrative processes that follow.

Empowering Community Voices: The Strategic Advantage of Nonprofit Advisory Committees

An inclusive and engaged advisory committee has the potential to increase the quality, reach, and overall impact of your nonprofit’s work on a consistent basis.

Ask Rita in HR: Should Murphy’s Law Be a Consideration in Making HR Decisions?

Some factors to keep in mind when you’re planning to discipline or terminate a nonprofit employee.

A Cautionary Tale: Overcoming Governance Nightmares in Nonprofit Organizations

Adopting solid organizational policies can help your nonprofit set expectations and avoid a laundry list of problems.

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Blue Avocado Presents: Copyright Concerns for Nonprofits – Live Q&A

Thursday, March 21, 2024 – In the digital age, nonprofits engaging in various creative endeavors must be mindful of copyright concerns.

Blue Avocado Presents: Does Your Nonprofit Qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)? – Live Q&A

The ERC program has been amended several times and has officially concluded, but eligible nonprofit organizations are still eligible to file and benefit from this tax credit. Find out more about this government stimulus program.

Blue Avocado Presents: Cyber Incident Response Plans for Nonprofits – Live Q&A

It’s a misnomer to believe that mission-driven organizations, who contribute to and/or benefit our society, are safe from cyber incidents. And yet many of these nonprofit organizations are unprepared when it happens to them.

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Beyond the Hype: Why ESG Frameworks Miss the Mark for Small Nonprofits

When we take a closer look at what Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) frameworks actually entail, it is often not worth the time and resources for most small nonprofits to go through such a process.

Charting a New Course for Youth Engagement

A blueprint for how using strategic inquiry can help your nonprofit better understand your community’s needs and provide key insights with the potential to help you innovate and better serve those who count on you.

Is Your Nonprofit’s Mission Obsolete — Or Just Ready for a New Direction?

Measuring the dual bottom lines of sustainability and impact can help you determine if the time has come for your nonprofit to conclude your mission — or pivot to a new one.

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