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Measure What You Value: Designing a Values-based Performance Appraisal System

Developing and sustaining a motivated, productive, and highly engaged workforce means your employees must be measured on how they demonstrate the organization’s values.

The One Tool/Strategy Nonprofits Wish They Implemented Sooner

Nonprofit leaders and Blue Avocado readers answer: “What is one tool or strategy you wish your nonprofit had implemented sooner?”

Link Arms to Elevate Your Nonprofit’s Impact

Working with like-minded people and organizations can create a deepened impact, more sustainable relationships, and a stronger funding pool for your mission.

Your Nonprofit Got its Grant — Now What?

Getting a grant isn’t just a handshake and a check — they can come with many conditions. Is your CFO ready?

When a New Nonprofit Board Can Be a Fresh Start

How one nonprofit moved forward when the only solution to a dysfunctional board was a brand-new one.

Five Steps to Achieving a Successful Nonprofit Rebrand

Nonprofit rebrands are tricky. Your new name should represent both your work and the change you seek to create.

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Blue Avocado Presents: What Nonprofits Need to Know About Fiscal Sponsorships – Live Q&A

Understanding fiscal sponsorships for nonprofits. Learn about the benefits, limitations, and considerations of this arrangement in our free webinar.

Blue Avocado Presents: Copyright Concerns for Nonprofits – Live Q&A

In the digital age, nonprofits engaging in various creative endeavors must be mindful of copyright concerns.

Blue Avocado Presents: Does Your Nonprofit Qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)? – Live Q&A

The ERC program has been amended several times and has officially concluded, but eligible nonprofit organizations are still eligible to file and benefit from this tax credit. Find out more about this government stimulus program.

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Drive Your Nonprofit’s Mission by Investing in Your People

Nonprofits must advance their mission by valuing their employees’ worth through fair compensation and benefits and by celebrating their work.

The Critical Role of Cultural Responsiveness in Today’s Nonprofits

While culturally responsive leadership has usually been centered in education, its practices have value to the nonprofit sector as well.

8 Easy Ways to Grab More Attention for Your Small Nonprofit

Getting what your nonprofit needs — funding, staff, and more — means showing how working with you can be a win-win.

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