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Your Nonprofit’s Budget: A Window to Finding Your Priorities

By careful examination of your nonprofit’s budget, you can gain insights into your organization’s…

Nonprofit Grant Proposal Budget Calculations: A Road Map

Five common challenges for calculating grant proposal numbers — and strategies to help overcome them…

Increase Safety for Your Nonprofit’s Team

Taking action to protect your employees’ safety represents a tangible way that you can contribute to…

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Standing on the Shoulders of Movements

All our organizations stand on the shoulders of movements. Are you strengthening the movements that provide the nutrients for your org?

The Nonprofit Board’s Role in HR

The role of the board of directors in personnel or human resource administration is frequently a sticky issue for nonprofits.

Firing My Friend, the Founder

A board member shares a story about the difficult process of firing a nonprofit founder when money just wasn’t coming in.

If You Give a Board Treasurer A Cookie…

Blue Avocado columnist Vu Le inspires us again with his ideas for nonprofit-themed children’s books. We should all be writing some!

Who is Responsible for the Board Doing a Good Job?

Despite the importance of the nonprofit board, there’s strikingly little clarity about who is responsible for its performance.

Nonprofit Email Sign-Offs

Blue Avocado readers share their ways of signing off on nonprofit emails. The consensus is quick, and in keeping with the tone of the email.

What to Do with Board Members Who Don’t Do Anything

In this Board Cafe column, look at short-term and long-term strategies for the board members known as deadwood or worse.

Five Internal Controls for the Very Small Nonprofit

Segregation of duties, checks & balances, can be difficult to implement in small organizations. Here are five important, do-able controls.

Outsource Your Bookkeeping!

Outsourced accounting — having the accounting done by an outside person or firm — isn’t new, but it is getting a second look as nonprofits search for ways to cut office costs.