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Your Nonprofit’s Budget: A Window to Finding Your Priorities

By careful examination of your nonprofit’s budget, you can gain insights into your organization’s…

Nonprofit Grant Proposal Budget Calculations: A Road Map

Five common challenges for calculating grant proposal numbers — and strategies to help overcome them…

Increase Safety for Your Nonprofit’s Team

Taking action to protect your employees’ safety represents a tangible way that you can contribute to…

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How Did This Happen? Part 2 of the Vanguard Foundation Story

Blue Avocado concludes an exploration of how it was possible for Vanguard Public Foundation to have come to such an inglorious end.

Strategic Planning: Failures and Alternatives

When recessions happen, many nonprofits can’t move forward on strategic plans. Jan Masaoka explores what nonprofits can do instead.

Rockefeller Foundation and NY Times Win “Just Awards”

Rockefeller Foundation and NY Times announced as the “winners” of the first-year Just Awards for dubious contributions to nonprofit sector.

Ask Rita: Downsizing from Employees to Independent Contractors?

We are considering changing some of our employees into independent contractors as a cost-saving measure. What is the potential downside?

Court-Ordered Community Service: Volunteers or Prison Labor?

Court-ordered volunteers perform a wide variety of roles in nonprofits. Susan Ellis discusses when to accept them, and how to do it right.

The Volunteer Who Couldn’t

Martin Gorfinkel explores the difficulties and roadblocks that seniors and retirees can encounter when seeking volunteering opportunities.

The Sustainability Question: Why Is It So Annoying?

The sustainability question at nonprofits: How will you sustain this program or project when funding from the So-and-So Foundation runs out?

Regrets of a Former Arts Funder

Rethinking what defines art and how the less mainstream types can be protected and encouraged.

What to Do When You Really, Really Disagree with a Board Decision

Most of the time, nonprofit boards work through consensus. But what if you think a serious mistake is being made?

Six Things Every Board Member Should Know About the New 990

Jeanne Bell shares six things that nonprofit organizations should know about the IRS’ new revised 990 nonprofit tax return.