Dr. Timothy J. Powers

Dr. Timothy J. Powers has entered his 22nd year in education. Beginning as a math teacher, Tim’s career extended beyond the classroom, coaching multiple sports. With a decade-long stint as an athletic director and dean of students, Tim gained profound insights into the multifaceted dimensions of school dynamics.

Tim has assumed the role of Head of School, steering Pinkerton Academy with visionary leadership and a deep-rooted commitment to student and faculty success. Tim places immense value on the voices of both students and staff, championing their perspectives in shaping the educational landscape.

With a forward-thinking approach, Tim excels in future-oriented strategic planning, ensuring that students, staff, and the entire school community are well-prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. With a strong foundation in accounting from his undergraduate studies and a master's degree in education specializing in curriculum, Tim possesses a unique blend of analytical acumen and pedagogical expertise.

Tim holds a doctorate in educational leadership, underscoring his dedication to continuous learning and honing his skills to better serve the community. Passionate about nurturing an environment where all flourish, Tim is not just an educator but a catalyst for growth, fostering a legacy of excellence in every institution he leads.

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