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Can Nonprofits Look to the Past to Build the Future?

Nonprofits may be surprised to find that their communities have already implemented the kind of…

Blue Avocado Presents: Copyright Concerns for Nonprofits – Live Q&A

Thursday, March 21, 2024 – In the digital age, nonprofits engaging in various creative endeavors…

How Lessons Learned From Fighting Food Insecurity Can Help Your Nonprofit

Six best practices for small ways your nonprofit can lead great change in your community — and…

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The Board Just Fired Me …and I’m the Founder!

A nonprofit founder provides a first-person account of what it’s like to be fired from her organization — by a board that she had put together.

Decline and Fall of the Vanguard Foundation

Once acclaimed as a pioneer in philanthropy, the Vanguard Foundation is no more. This is Part I on some of the clues to its sorry demise.

Nonprofit Conflict of Interest: A 3-Dimensional View

Conventional approaches to classic conflicts of interest. Model policies that address these concerns. Non-financial conflicts of interest common to many nonprofits. Steps an organization can take to handle conflicts of interest and more detailed sample policies.

Coming Out as a Christian

Kim Klein declares the that she is a Christian, calling for all who are religious to stand against the war on women and people of color.

Teach for America: Icon with Feet of Clay?

Rick Cohen delves into the less-heard concerns and questions about Teach for America, and its effect on the education sector.

Nonprofit Bookkeeping Test

This 21-question quiz samples from general bookkeeping knowledge as well as nonprofit bookkeeping and compliance matters. Use this assessment test as part of your hiring toolkit as well as for identifying staff training needs.

A Board Member’s Guide to Nonprofit Insurance

Many nonprofit board members don’t think about the organization’s insurance until something adverse happens. Here’s the low-down on liability.

Four Ways to Remove a Board Member

How to remove a board member that consistently disrupts meetings or is otherwise destructive and demoralizing.

Model Document Retention Policy for Nonprofits

A model document retention policy designed to help nonprofits adapt to changing laws around statutes of limitation.

How Much to Pay the Executive Director?

Nonprofit board members are often puzzled when it comes to setting the salary of the executive director. Some legal and practical guidelines.