Dr. Ronald Dale Tompkins

Dr. Ronald Dale Tompkins  is Managing Partner and Principal Coach of TurnAround Social Sector Coaching. His passion for empowering outsider directors comes from leadership roles in five different agencies.

The thought leadership that Dr. Ron brings to clients for coaching includes:

  • Management Accountant associated with the Institute of Management Accountants

  • Certified Scaling Up Coach

  • Ph.D. in Higher Education Policy (Buffalo)

  • MBA in Finance (State University of New York)

Dr. Ron is gay, married, and has children and foster children in the USA and Southeast Asia. He has been a member of the Indo-Chinese Caucus and Cambodian Caucus of the United Methodist Church. He is a long-term resident of New York City.

Contact him at tompkir1@gmail.com His thought leader website is www.RonaldDaleTompkins.com

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