Why is it called Blue Avocado?

It’s an unusual title! Where did it come from? Find out here where this well-known nonprofit publication got its name.

Why is it called Blue Avocado?
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The long story:

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, blue avocados grew wild and with abandon. Unicorns fed on them. Dragons sometimes mistook them for pterodactyl eggs. A few managed to hitch a ride on a meteor and ended up in Central America, where the ancient Maya cultivated them and loved them. Their priests broke open the seeds to foretell the future.

One summer equinox, the priests opened an avocado seed and gasped in horror. It foretold the destruction of the Mayan world, and a thousand years of suffering under drought and foreign conquest.

The priests ordered all blue avocados destroyed, in a desperate effort to forestall the prophecy.

But the spirit of the blue avocado lived on, and it waited for many centuries for Al Gore to invent the World Wide Web. There it finally found the fertile soil it had long awaited, and grew strong again as BlueAvocado.org. Today it thrives wherever there are people who have hope in their hearts, and guacamole on their chips.

The short story:

We just like the sound of Blue Avocado.

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Blue Avocado is an online magazine fueled by a monthly newsletter designed to provide practical, tactical tips and tools to nonprofit leaders. A small but mighty team of committed social sector leaders produces the publication, enlisting content from a wide range of practitioners, funders, and experts.

Articles on Blue Avocado do not provide legal representation or legal advice and should not be used as a substitute for advice or legal counsel. Blue Avocado provides space for the nonprofit sector to express new ideas. Views represented in Blue Avocado do not necessarily express the opinion of the publication or its publisher.

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