Announcing the Just Awards

The Just Awards will show the most irrational, irresponsible, and irrelevant organizational behaviors that hinder social service and change.

Announcing the Just Awards
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Nominations are now underway for “deserving” foundations, funders, and media.

Nominations are coming in for the Just Awards! We are very pleased to be co-sponsoring this new prestigious, nonprofit sector award series created jointly by Blue Avocado and Nonprofit Online News.

The first “Justie” will be awarded to a foundation or funder for Narcissism in Philanthropy in 2009, and the second “Justie” to a newspaper, website or media outlet for Abominable Media Coverage of the Nonprofit Sector. Full information and nomination forms are available at the new Just Awards website:

I peeked at one of the nominations, which told the story of a foundation that gives out $5 million a year and is now building themselves an $8 million building. Keep the nominations coming!

Just Awards are inspired by the IgNobel Prizes, which aspire to “make people laugh, and then make people think.” In that spirit, the Just Awards will highlight the irrational, the irresponsible, and the irrelevant organizational behaviors that most affect the work of social service and social change. With a particular emphasis on the world of philanthropy and with the support of respected judges, we will bestow awards each year to those organizations who best exemplify the foibles of our sector.

The “Justies” will be announced during the week of April 19, 2010, immediately preceding the annual conference of the Council on Foundations.

As of this writing, the judges’ panel includes: Ami Dar (, Aaron Dorfman (National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy), Pablo Eisenberg (Georgetown University), Ruth McCambridge (Nonprofit Quarterly), and Omowale Satterwhite (National Community Development Institute). Newest judge: Pricilla Hung of GIFT.

Additional judges are still being confirmed and will be announced on the Just Awards website, where nominations forms, criteria and all other information can be found. Anyone can submit nominations, and their names will be held confidential.

Just Awards is a joint project of Blue Avocado and Nonprofit Online News. Jan Masaoka and Michael Gilbert are co-chairing the project. We look forward to your comments and nominations! Click here to nominate.

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    1. We haven’t decided yet . . . it’s our first year! And if you want to be a judge, send an email to editor at blueavocado dot org with why you would make a good one! Jan

  1. I don’t understand what’s wrong with an $8 million building. That might be a good long term move for the organization. It may be part of what allows them to survive and thrive and continue to give away money each year, for years to come. Right? Is it the ratio of annual giving to building price that’s of concern? What am I missing?

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