Trudy Harris

Trudy Harris co-founded Team Giving to inspire, guide, and advocate for local nonprofits by matching them with volunteers to complete needed projects. Team Giving’s innovative approach addresses important social and community needs while building partnerships between businesses, individuals, service clubs, and the nonprofit community. Since 2016, Team Giving has partnered with over 140 nonprofit organizations in the greater Sacramento region and has coordinated thousands of volunteers. This has provided more than 32,000 volunteer hours for projects and events that serve the most vulnerable members of our communities. By connecting interested individuals and groups with nonprofits, Team Giving helps reduce the stress on these organizations and provides our community with a simple and meaningful way to help strengthen their connections by supporting our nonprofit partners. Trudy has always made the nonprofit sector part of her life, creating corporate opportunities to give back through various programs in the for-profit world. She lives in Carmichael with her husband of 41 years and enjoys spending time with her family and friends, particularly her 3 lovely granddaughters. Trudy is an avid gardener and loves to cook large family meals.

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