Pat Libby

Pat Libby is one of the nation’s leading experts on citizen lobbying campaigns. A long-time nonprofit leader, consultant, and self-described recovering academic, she is author of The Empowered Citizens Guide: 10 Steps to Passing a Law that Matters to You, (Oxford University Press) which outlines the legal rules for nonprofit lobbying (in plain English), explains the basic about how the legislative process works, and shows readers how to put together a simple, low-cost, and effective lobbying campaign. This is Pat’s third book, following her previous publications: The Lobbying Strategy Handbook (Oxford) and Cases in Nonprofit Management(Sage). Pat has made it her mission to teach people how to create change through the legislative process. Her 10-step lobbying model—which she created while leading a nonprofit organization—has been used by novice citizen activists throughout the country to pass new laws, including many in California where she resides.

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