Michelle K. Wolf

Michelle K Wolf is the Founding Executive Director of JLA Trust, a nonprofit based in LA County for that provides affordable special needs trustee services for persons with disabilities, which now has 188 enrolled beneficiaries and over $11 million in pooled assets. Pooled trusts are an easy way for people with disabilities to have professional trustee services to legally supplement their government means-tested benefits.

She was formerly the Director of Serving the Vulnerable for The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, and in 2005, she co-founded HaMercaz, an innovative multi-agency collaborative one-stop model that helps families raising children with special needs. She is also a former Adjunct Lecturer at the USC School of Social Work on Grant Writing for Social Workers.

As a parent of an adult son with cerebral palsy, she writes on topics related to intellectual/developmental disabilities and she is also a member of the Self-Determination Advisory Committee for the Lanterman Regional Center.

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