jme Thomas

jme Thomas is the founder and Executive Director of Motley Zoo Animal Rescue—a rock and roll-themed, foster-based, volunteer-powered organization based in Redmond, WA. Her untraditional views and ideas have changed the animal welfare world, pioneered new ground, and upended the status quo in a fun and refreshing way that has drawn in new audiences and support for her mission while inspiring other organizations to try new things too. jme sees opportunities where others see obstacles, and she's ready to challenge norms left and right if it will help her save the lives of more animals! She and her husband have personally fostered more than 1,500 of the 4,300+ animals (primarily dogs and cats) that Motley Zoo has rescued and rehomed—specializing in little, old dogs in particular. jme enjoys surfing, snowboarding, adventure, travel, reading, writing, podcasting, and the outdoors. She lives in Redmond, WA with her husband and companion animals: Meatball and Satori (dogs) as well as King Tut and Refugee (cats).

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