Heidi Larwick

Heidi Larwick is a proud mother of two young children, both of whom love to travel, play sports, explore in the kitchen, and try out new hobbies just like their mom. Her children's entrance into the public education system prompted her to redirect her career toward creating a community where all children have equal opportunities. Accepting the Executive Director role at Connected Lane County was a pivotal moment in her life that gave her a new sense of purpose while introducing her to new people and perspectives for which she will always be grateful.

Under Heidi's leadership, Connected Lane County has experienced tremendous growth over the past nine years. Connected Lane County's success is the result of bringing together educators, industry partners, and community members to support young people in their journey toward a fulfilling life. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to Lane County, youth, and her team have helped create a reality where Connected Lane County's services are trusted by families, funded by dedicated supporters, and celebrated by the community.

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