Gayle Samuelson Carpentier

Gayle Samuelson Carpentier is the Chief Business Development Officer at TechSoup. Upon joining the TechSoup Global in 2001 she developed the strategic structure of its product philanthropy service. In her global role, Ms. Carpentier works with all sections of TechSoup to grow and maintain the unique focus of direct services and benefits to the nonprofit and civil society sector.

Ms. Carpentier has also served the community through more than her professional life. She currently serves on the national board of NTEN and is a sought after strategic consultant to innovative social entrepreneurial companies as well as multiple nonprofit organizations across the country seeking sustainability and market advice and direction. In addition, she has continued writing about nonprofits, technology, and her unique spin on business development in her own blog and for other industry publications and sites and welcomes inquiries for future contributions.

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