Dr. Amy Haile

Dr. Amy Haile is the Chief Executive Officer of Champions for Children, Inc., Tampa Bay's leading agency focused exclusively on the prevention of child abuse and neglect accomplished through evidence-based and research-informed family education programs that promote positive parenting and child development. Amy is inspired by Champions’ team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who are changing families’ lives every day. She is passionate about creating rich, nurturing environments so families become confident, competent, and resilient. As a practicing parent for 20 years, Amy knows first-hand how vital it is for parents to feel successful. Dr. Haile's priorities are to solidify Champions as a high-performing, high-impact organization that creates positive sustainable change. She blends 30 years of private and public service experience with advanced degrees in behavioral science as well as nonprofit leadership. She also holds a doctorate in public health.As a public health practitioner trained in applied anthropology, Amy came of age in the seventies where she was surrounded by social crusading. She approaches change from an insider’s and often introverted perspective believing that good food, abundant caffeine, quality conversation, and a little sleep deprivation often leads to brilliant solutions.

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