Ann W. Lehman

Ann W. Lehman, Nonprofit Consultant and Principal at Zimmerman Lehman, has worked in the public interest arena for more than 30 years. Ann received her B.A. from Rutgers University and J.D. from Northwestern School of Law in Portland, OR. Immediately after law school, Ann supervised a storefront public interest law center in Portland geared to senior citizens. She was the Executive Director of the progressive legal organization in New York City and the California Law Center on Long Term Care in San Francisco. Ann has taught workshops and facilitated retreats in such areas as board responsibilities and recruitment, strategic planning, transparency and accountability, leadership, advocacy, human rights, and gender analysis and budgeting. Her inclusive style, combined with a down-to-earth approach, are accessible to individuals with a wide variety of knowledge and ability. She is the co-author of Board Members Rule: How to Be a Strategic Advocate for your Nonprofit and Boards That Love Fundraising: A How-To Guide For Your Board. Ann is editor of ZimNotes, a nonprofit e-newsletter now in its 26th year of publication.

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