Vanguard Foundation Update

Blue Avocado readers will remember our coverage of the "Decline and Fall of the Vanguard Foundation" (for which we won a journalism award), which detailed the ways in which Vanguard CEO Hari Dillon and major donors became involved with businessman Mouli Cohen and a series of get-rich-quick schemes.

Two weeks ago, Mouli Cohen was convicted on 31 counts of money laundering, tax evasion, and other matters. Investigative reporter Rick Cohen is now plowing through the flurry of competing bankruptcy suits and conducting interviews, and will be bringing us a full report in the next issue of Blue Avocado. Thanks very much to the many Blue Avocado readers who have kept us apprised of developments. (Image to left is in Hari Dillon's handwriting -- and signed by him -- from one of the bankruptcy cases.)

UPDATE May 24, 2013: The CNBC show American Greed did a full episode on the Vanguard Foundation story that includes interviews with our writer Rick Cohen and Susanna Moore, a Vanguard board member. See their page here.

See also in Blue Avocado:

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