Virtual Desk Food Potluck -- Yum?

We're having a desk food potluck right now! Everyone gather up whatever food you keep in your desk and bring it to the conference room to share.

We asked Blue Avocado readers to tell us what they always keep on hand, and based on their responses, it looks like we'll have a lot of raw almonds, chocolate, and microwave popcorn at our virtual potluck. Meet some hungry readers:

Samara Azam gets a special notice because she cleverly included a screenshot of Blue Avocado in the photo she submitted of her Nutella. "I know no one else will eat my Nutella because people know I double dip in the jar!" Samara is the Development Coordinator for Access/Women's Health Rights Coalition in Oakland, California, which has a reproductive healthline with info on everything from paying for pap smears to abortion, adoption, and prenatal care. Before joining the board she was a volunteer providing housing and rides for women seeking care. She enjoys working on a staff that is all women of color, all under 35!

Amy Bissonnette at Yamhill County CASA in Oregon, did not discuss either yams or hills. But she sent this photo of herself with a health bar: "The best part is they were left here by my predecessor and I've gradually worked my way through the stash!" CASA is a national organization that brings unique volunteer help to victimized children.

The economy is hard on nonprofit finance folk in a different way than on others: CFO Doreen Kuster of Child Guidance & Family Support in Summit County, Ohio, sings the praises of Jolly Time 100 calorie popcorn when the Stress Monster (project budgets that have to be done tomorrow!) shows up. One program at CGFS that caught our attention was helping childcare providers work with troubled children . . . helping keep difficult kids in childcare successfully and reducing staff turnover by reducing job stress (that's her adding machine to the right). We tend to agree with Jodi McMahon, though, about that microwave popcorn "aroma" that saturates the airspace!

Fox Fullerton Theatre's Pamela Tice counts out 20 raw almonds for a snack while Joe Hedgepath of Meher Schools mixes 'em with raisins, and several others keep trail mixes on hand. Peanut butter lovers include Brigitte Smith of the Seattle YMCA while Ruth Kewitsch (Children's Home Society and Family Services in Minneapolis) says "frosted mini-wheats rock!" (she's right).

We tend to agree with Laurelle Lee who says that "the only acceptable emergency snack food is chocolate. It also makes a handy bribe for the fiscal folks!" Ellen Hingst says dark chocolate is "good for the mind, body and soul." But Susan Fletcher (Applegrove Community Complex) has found a healthy combo: chocolate-flavoured chewable calcium (and in honor of her Toronto location we've spelled "flavoured" the Canadian way).

Thanks to the more than two dozen readers who sent in their favorite snacks and photos. But hey, given that this is the Blue Avocado magazine, how come nobody mentioned guacamole? :)

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Comments (2)

  • I keep a bag of dried peach halves in my drawer, but they're not very photogenic.

    Oct 01, 2009
  • This is the smartest thing I have heard said about dried peaches. THANK YOU for making my day.

    Oct 01, 2009

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