Take a 3-Minute Vacation Right Now...Take a Hike in Utah

Right about now, just when spring is right around the corner, cabin fever reaches aA critical point. Healing may have begun for residents of the South, but for others you might need an emergency trip to sun-drenched wilderness to get through the next few weeks. Never fear! Here's the nonprofit Utah Society for Environmental Education to the rescue! For its Green Fork Utah blog, this organization has put together a wonderful slide show of pictures taken by its members, bringing us blue skies, green trees, craggy brown rocks, and iridescent dragonflies. Happily, they contacted Blue Avocado and offered to share the slides with our readers. Thanks USEE! Enjoy!

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  • Love your e-newsletter, but I think we are supposed to be boycotting Utah, due to the millions of dollars that right-wing ideologues and the Mormon Church located in that state spent to pass Prop. 8, taking away the civil rights of gay and lesbian people in California to get married. I'll skip the three-minute hike, thank you very much, and use that time to work on defending the human rights of LGBTQ folks.

    Apr 14, 2009
  • Utah is a wonderful, thriving place for nonprofits and philanthropy. Contrary to popular and current beliefs, the LDS church does not "control" the entire state, its people or its charities.

    The USEE is a worthwhile organization as are many others that you can find through the Utah Nonprofits Association (UNA) at www.utahnonprofits.org.

    Please do take the time to enjoy this three-minute vacation regardless of your beliefs about one church in our state. There are many of us working hard in the nonprofit community who agree with your views on Prop. 8 and would rather not be lumped into your "boycotting Utah" stance.

    Maybe just consider taking time to relish in blessings of Mother Nature.

    Kudos to Blue Avocado!

    May 11, 2009
  • Thanks, "Grant Savvy." I was in Utah a couple of years ago thanks to the Utah Nonprofit Association, and was really enjoyed everyone I met. In addition to the compelling scenery, I was also able to visit the neighborhood where my Dad grew up, and the site of Topaz Relocation Center where my mother, along with thousands of other Japanese Americans, was interned during WWII.  Thanks for your comment. Jan

    May 11, 2009

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