Survey on Nonprofit Banking Needs -- please help!


As a banking customer, you probably have two hats: one related to the nonprofit where you work or volunteer, and one as yourself. As you know, American Nonprofits is creating a credit union (a co-op banking institution) for nonprofit organizations, staff, volunteers and stakeholders can use their deposits for the betterment of the nonprofit sector, rather than for the betterment of Wall Street.

In this survey we'd like to ask you as an individual about what banking and credit services you use or would like to use. As we move forward with the chartering process, the results of this survey will be reviewed by federal regulators and the credit union leadership to define what services will be offered through the credit union. Your input is crucial.

We're sending a special issue of Blue Avocado magazine this week with a customized link to survey your individual opinion.

If in addition you can represent the views of a nonprofit organization, please also take the survey here for nonprofit organizations.

Thank you!

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