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Reader Tom Battin turned his hand to quiz development and contributes this evaluative experience of life in the nonprofit ocean. All the challenges of the world swirl about us and navigating it is hard! This quiz will help you determine whether you are:

  • A blue whale comfortable in the briny deep
  • An amphibian happy on both land and sea
  • A swimming sea otter
  • A minnow, or
  • A pelican flying above it all

What Kind of Nonprofit Fish are You? A>> Quiz

Tom Battin's background with nonprofits has included IT assessment, database development, computer skills training, technical documentation and now, quiz-making. He lives in Bangor, Maine, where he is a dedicated community volunteer and political activist.
Click here to see Tom's follow-up report and analysis of the Quiz!

Comments (6)

  • Thanks for the quiz, it was was fun to think about the questions and see the results!

    Jul 02, 2009
  • I'm writing after taking the What kind of NfP fish are you? Quiz.

    I turned out to be a minnow, with the instructions that I am "just a fish - keep swimming" That was quite disappointing at the time!!

    While I understand that this is all a bit of fun and absolutely of no relevance to the real world, I thought I'd share my views/feeling on this one.

    Firstly, I note that the only fish in the quiz is a minnow, so whilst I was disappointed to tagged as a minnow, in reality I, and the 6.8%  or so who are with me, are the only true NfP people there. Whales (more than 50% of respondents) are mammals, not fish; they are also bullies and thieves, watch them scythe through a shoal of pilchards rounded up by dolphins!

    As to the rest, phoof, what are they doing there? whales eat them! Actually I'm not sure if whales eat frogs, but some whales do eat birds.

    The other point, and this is probably a cultural difference between your America and Australia, is that most not for profits are not charities, do not depend on handouts or donations and grants and don't look after sick or homeless people.

    My association represents bicycle retailers, they are for-profits but the association is a not-for-profit.

    We have mutual insurance companies, and they too are not for profits.
    Actually the media in this country seems to regard not for profits as< all being charities and the like. It may be different in the US, what form does our equivalent, the National Bicycle Dealers Association,take as an entity? (

    So, having got that off my chest . . . Thanks . . . Graham

    Jul 05, 2009
  • I went into this quiz looking for a fun way of seeing how my choices might reflect the way I navigate the sector. I ended up as a Blue Whale. However, upon reading the description of my 'fish', I was incredibly frustrated that this was little more than a superficial assessment of how committed individuals are to the sector. In a time when work/life balance is such a pivotal issue to sector recruitment and retention, a quiz that is so flip about congratulating folks for being totally immersed in nonprofit culture and work is at best silly and at worst irresponsible.

    Jul 06, 2009
  • The questions were interesting and made me think, but the result ("Pelican: Perhaps you are destined to fly. Swim more!") made no sense to me at all. Also, as Graham pointed out, it's not a fish.
    About as helpful as most of the quizzes on Facebook ("What Michael Jackson song are you?")

    Jul 07, 2009
  • Speaking as a blue whale, I had fun taking the quiz, and I don't even think I was categorized properly! And yes, it was just supposed to bit of nonprofit fun . . . we've been surprised that more than 1,000 people have taken it so far! We'll post the results next issue on Blue Avocado's front page as well as here in the Comment stream. Thanks, everyone! Jan

    Jul 08, 2009
  • Missing in the quiz are the sharks and crabs and stinging jellyfish among us in the nonprofit ocean.

    Jul 14, 2009

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