How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe

Subscribe - To subscribe to our twice-monthly HTML email newsletter, all we need is your email address. Look for the box at right entitled "subscribe (free)". Enter your email address into the text field and then click "add." You'll be added to our twice-monthly email newsletter list. Also: you can help make sure Blue Avocado's emails stay out of your Spam Box by adding "editor (at) blueavocado (dot) org" into your email software's address book.

Unsubscribe - Unfortunately at this time, Blue Avocado does not provide a method for subscribers to unsubscribe through our website. The unsubscribe links we provide only work on actual e-mails. The reason is that an ID tag is passed to our email server when you (our subscriber) clicks the unsubscribe link in the e-mail. That tells us exactly who is unsubscribing and who to remove from our list.

If you don't have a recent email copy of our newsletter to look for the unsubscribe link, just use the unsubscribe link in the next issue that comes to your email inbox.

And even if you unsubscribe, we hope you'll still come visit our website and stay in touch!

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