A Fast Insight Into: Solar Cooking in Developing Countries

"A solar cooker is a heat trap - a greenhouse effect in a pot - like the way your car heats up in the summertime when the windows are closed.

"When people use solar cooking, they save time from foraging for wood and suffer less from being in smoky cook houses. In November, there was the world's largest solar cooking demonstration in Torreon, Mexico, and 150 people were cooking at the same time in the middle of the city!

"As people in the U.S. become more interested in saving money and conserving energy, they are taking up solar cooking. We recently participated in the international slow food conference in Turin, Italy, where the slow food movement is embracing solar cooking. It makes you more aware of nature, and brings us in solidarity with our sisters who don't have appliances. We share the same sun and we all have the same needs."

-- Louise Meyer (above), Solar Household Energy: She brings solar cooking to places such as Bamako, Mali (right); 93% of their participants in Central America and Africa are still using the stoves after three years.

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