Letter from the Editor

Hello again, Blue Avocado readers! We're excited to have you all back for the second issue under my new tenure and can't wait to share some great, practical tips and tools with all you incredible community leaders!

In this issue, aside from one of the gems from our archive, profiled in our "Best of Blue Avocado" column, you'll find some great insights around impact investing and collaborative fundraising. These innovative practices may take a bit of re-education, but both represent exciting opportunities for fund development. Since fundraising is always one of the biggest challenges facing small- and mid-sized nonprofits, we're also featuring a great article on how to improve your budget by leveraging in-kind support, one of the most effective ways to ensure the success of events, and more. We'll also dive into what your organization can do to ensure you're on the right side of the #MeToo movement and avoid issues around sexual harassment, and finally there's a piece on how to effectively unlock the potential of volunteers and the staffer(s) you have directing them.

We're also hard at work on the new Blue Avocado website, which will launch shortly and aims to help you find more useful, relevant content based on your needs. On that note, please take a sec to complete this survey (if you didn't fill it out after our last issue) and let us know exactly what content you're most excited to see in future issues and highlighted on the new site.

Thanks for all you do to build stronger communities, and we hope you find this issue inspiring, but even more importantly, that the content herein leaves you not just inspired, but inspired to action. After all, we're all working hard to meet growing needs while faced with the challenges of leading and supporting our organizations' critical work. Our humble intention is to help you help others, so enjoy, and wishing you all much impact and success!

In Community,


Darian Rodriguez Heyman
Editor-in-Chief, Blue Avocado

Darian Rodriguez Heyman is an accomplished facilitator, fundraiser, social entrepreneur, and best-selling author. His life's work of "helping people help" started during his five-year tenure as Executive Director of Craigslist Foundation, after which he authored the best-selling Nonprofit Fundraising 101 and edited the best-selling Nonprofit Management 101 (Wiley & Sons). In addition to his active consulting, facilitation, and public speaking work, Heyman currently serves as the part-time Executive Director of Numi Foundation, Editor-in-Chief of the popular nonprofit online magazine Blue Avocado, and Co-Producer of the Gender-Smart Investing Summit.

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