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Nonprofit Email Sign-Offs

Dozens of Blue Avocado writers gave our writer Keiko Rosenstiel a lot to work with:

After hearing from dozens of Blue Avocado readers what is the right way to sign off on a nonprofit email, I've come to the conclusion that there is none! It's a personal preference that must take into consideration who is at the receiving end. It's impractical to type "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars," as Casey Kasem signed off his famous Top Ten radio show. However much I like the message, it's too long! The consensus is . . . keep it short and in synch with the tone of the email. Here's some of what we heard:

How Do You Spell Relief? C-O-R-N-F-L-A-K-E-S (and Other Anxiety-Busting Ideas)

Stressed out because the economic crisis is forcing your major corporate funder to close its doors or merge? Anxious about the election Sometimes, the only thing to do is to stop pulling your hair out and try to have a little fun at work. Sadly, "fun at work" sounds like an oxymoron to lots of people.

But not to Blue Avocado contributor Janice Clark, the queen of fun. (Janice is the author of our recent piece on nonprofits and sports.) Here's what she told us about ways to cut the tension:

Treasured Office Equipment Under $10

Just as master chefs treasure their knives and carpenters have their prize hammers, we in community nonprofits treasure OUR equipment. It's nice to have a friendly, reliable piece of equipment that always there for you. The following are from Blue Avocado readers responding to last issue's Query: What's your favorite piece of office equipment that costs less than $10?

Just for fun, my answer would be the "CLOSED" sign. --A Jean Hoagland


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