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An Insight About . . . Catholic Schools' Business Model

Thirty years ago there was a good amount of people from religious orders, who were subsidized by their religious orders to be in teaching and in school administration. They also had a strong moral authority with their collars on and in their habits. In effect, there was highly skilled, free labor. Now Catholic schools are having to go to the laity more [for staff], and that raises their expenses.

Nonprofit Email Sign-Offs

Dozens of Blue Avocado writers gave our writer Keiko Rosenstiel a lot to work with:

After hearing from dozens of Blue Avocado readers what is the right way to sign off on a nonprofit email, I've come to the conclusion that there is none! It's a personal preference that must take into consideration who is at the receiving end. It's impractical to type "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars," as Casey Kasem signed off his famous Top Ten radio show. However much I like the message, it's too long! The consensus is . . . keep it short and in synch with the tone of the email. Here's some of what we heard:


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