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Five Emergency "Musts" for Your Desk

In a disaster, nonprofits and for-profits have some similar needs -- like having a data backup plan to ensure business continuity. But nonprofits also often have crucial roles in providing assistance to others in the immediate aftermath.

Community members are used to turning to their local organizations for help in the moments after disaster strikes and even before first responders arrive they will look to your organization. In Hurricane Katrina, for instance, nonprofits stepped up to help without worrying about whether helping disaster victims was "mission creep"!

While your organization should have emergency supplies and a disaster plan, in this article we look at something much simpler: what you should have in your desk or workstation:

1. Flashlight. Don't get stuck in the dark -- literally! Electricity is typically one of the first things to go out. Your office or theater or warehouse should have flashlights, but get one for yourself, too, so that you'll have one instantly, and the organizational ones can be used by others.

2. Whistle. You can use it to . . .

Ground Rules for the New Generation

"no texting." Doesn't that sum up everything when it's on the list of Ground Rules for a nonprofit meeting?

This large sign was photographed at a multi-racial youth organization by a staffperson who wishes her organization to be anonymous. So she will get a box of avocados delivered to her (this was a contest, remember?!) but we won't publish her name or organization.

Nonprofit Word Search Fun

If you like word search puzzles, take a break and try this puzzle featuring nonprofit-related words. Remember: words can appear forwards, backwards, diagonal, up or down -- kind of like the directions we're known to go in. Here are the words, followed by the puzzle. Print it out for lunchroom fun or save it for the plane if you're headed for vacation!


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