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Marshmallow Peep Sushi

Blue Avocado project manager Susan Sanow of Washington, D.C. writes: "I think the first sign of spring is Peeps: those marshmallow concoctions that magically appear right around now. We are never too old to play with our food."

We like the idea of combining the ultimate iconic American Easter candy with traditional Japanese cuisine, too. :)

Married Co-Executive Directors: Couples in Life and at Work

Would only a crazy (and crazy-in-love) married couple want to be co-executive directors? On the other hand, what nonprofit wouldn't want two full-time staff for the price of one? We spoke with two such couples . . . here's how they experience this unique type of job sharing:

"We heard about the job at Options Schools and decided to apply for it as co-executive directors. They thought it would at least be interesting to talk to us!" This position is, in fact, Dave and Paulette Hassell's fifth job as co-directors. They had begun in the Peace Corps serving five terms as co-directors in countries including Sri Lanka, Uganda, and Papua New Guinea.

"We've always applied for one position together, and make it clear we understand it is one salary," says Paulette. "It does cost them . . .


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