Letter from the Editor

Hello again, Blue Avocado readers! We're excited to have you all back for the second issue under my new tenure and can't wait to share some great, practical tips and tools with all you incredible community leaders!

In this issue, aside from one of the gems from our archive, profiled in our "Best of Blue Avocado" column, you'll find some great insights around impact investing and collaborative fundraising. These innovative practices may take a bit of re-education, but both represent exciting opportunities for fund development. Since fundraising is always one of the biggest challenges facing small- and mid-sized nonprofits, we're also featuring a great article on how to improve your budget by leveraging in-kind support, one of the most effective ways to ensure the success of events, and more. We'll also dive into what your organization can do to ensure you're on the right side of the #MeToo movement and avoid issues around sexual harassment, and finally there's a piece on how to effectively unlock the potential of volunteers and the staffer(s) you have directing them.

Welcome From Our New Publisher

As with most nonprofit ventures, Blue Avocado has taken some interesting twists and turns in its first ten years. As the major funder of Blue Avocado throughout its history, the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group has always been cheering for the success of Blue Avocado from the sidelines, with no intention of taking it on as a project. However, when American Nonprofits recently launched its Bridge to Bridge Loan Fund for nonprofits and decided it needed to focus on that initiative, our boards of directors at the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group gladly welcomed Blue Avocado into the fold. We are determined to help Blue Avocado remain the best free source of practical information for small- and mid-sized community nonprofits everywhere.

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Blue Avocado 2.0! I'm honored to serve as the new Editor-in-Chief and first and foremost, I want to assure each and every one of you that we will maintain BA's high standards and stay focused on providing tactical, practical tips and tools for small- and mid-sized nonprofits.

So stick around and stay tuned: this newsletter is the first of six we have planned over the next year, plus we'll be rolling out a new website shortly to make our incredible repository of content easier to peruse. On that note, please take a sec to complete this survey and let us know exactly what content you're most excited to see in future issues and highlighted on the new site.

Letter From the Editor

Welcome to this special YNPN Edition of Blue Avocado! We've partnered with our friends over at the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network to deliver you a special edition of Blue Avocado featuring young, insightful writers from around the country.

Editor's Note

What will you do to begin again this fall?

For me, autumn always meant starting over with big ideas and new projects. I used the change in weather and the back-to-school sensibilities to redefine priorities and goals. For those who work in this sector, fall can be a good time to take stock. Maybe that means planning a board retreat to hash out the year's plans or perhaps it's finally scheduling those meetings for that new project.

One good way to make the most of the year, is to make sure your organization approaches its governance holistically. Doing so can assist you in finding spots that might need more focus. For example, is your board operating as effectively as it could? Are your programs still fresh? Have you paid enough attention to strategic goals? What about the day-to-day? How might you grow your audience or be a better partner?

Editor’s Note

Happy summer, Avocados!

While for many, the season represents outdoor barbeques and long vacations, we in the world of not-for-profit know that summer is no time for ease. Fiscal years may have just begun, and that means a whole new set of strategic goals to get underway. As we learned from our last issue, having a good strategic plan can help with this process, but there's still lots of work to do.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the latest Blue Avocado! As a longtime reader, I'm thrilled to be serving as guest editor. I know that I've often used Blue Avocado as a resource, a reminder, and a refuge during those stressful nonprofit emergencies, and I'm happy to present an issue that can be the same for you.

Steady Advice for Changing Times

Hello Avocados!

April is here and we have a new issue just for you that's all about change. Change is exciting! Change is scary. We have articles this month that provide a little stability.

How do you keep a firm financial footing as a nonprofit? Strong leaders have options when it comes to getting loans and funds to help cover operating costs. If you go the traditional route, we have a helpful article on working with your banker. If that doesn't work or isn't appropriate, we have an article on a new lending program which only serves nonprofits. Worried about federal funding cuts? Take the Blue Avocado survey and we'll share the results next issue.

On top of ALL that, we have a terrific article on resilient leadership and an equally great essay on facing new challenges. Next month, we welcome our new editor, so tell us what you want to see, what's happening in your organization and how Blue Avocado can help! We're always listening at editor@blueavocado.org.

What kind of avocado do you want to see?

As we get ready to welcome our new guest editor, we want to hear from you! What kind of avocado do you want to see?

Let's face it, sometimes running a nonprofit can feel about as easy as folding a fitted sheet, but here at Blue Avocado, we want to help. For years now, we have been a practical and straightforward source for information related to running a community nonprofit, and now we're moving forward into our next iteration. We're so thrilled that you're still with us as we continue to grow, and we want you to be a part of the process.

What Will You Accomplish This Year?

Everyone else was getting ready to ring in the New Year, but you were in the office. Checking email on your phone. Making a final post office run to pick up mailed checks. Those and a million other invisible things we do at nonprofits are what make year-end campaigns a success. When others count down to midnight, we count up -- our donations!

But that also means we need an special jolt of energy come January, and this issue of Blue Avocado delivers. Discover an interview with one of the true visionaries in the field, practical advice for all of you living in newly 420-friendly states, engaging stories of personal growth and what Blue Avocado readers think about the financial outlook for 2017. It's all full of get-up-and-go goodness.

Happy 2017!


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